Gloves for baby stroller

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MUFF baby stroller gloves

Who knows not; It pushes in cold season with the buggy through the fresh air and you may not wear gloves, because they prove impractical:

To push baby's pacifier in her mouth, one takes off the gloves.
To see babies feel ceiling, whether it is nice and warm, you need to take off again the glove.

And if Cap over eyes slips babies, then it takes off again the glove, because one is just finger flinker without gloves.

So it attracts the gloves so constantly and, it leaves it quickly somewhere or attracts only none and annoys then of cold hands.
With a handle attached to the push handle of the baby, the Muff can remain either whole cold weather over on the handle,

or again decreased at will.

Thus, the Emitex name glove for all common name handles and sizes is suitable (also for the fathers).


Outer: 100% polyamide, high-quality material with waterproof layer
Filling: 100% polyester with optimal thermal regulation, dyed
Inside: 100% polyester, anti-pilling fleece, tested material